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E-commerce options give your website a self manageable commerce solution. The ability to search products, administer all products and categories. Other options include adding specialís across any category & updating pricing is easy, even with 3000 products.

The E-commerce solution also comes with your free choice of E-commerce template. Payment can be taken with the use of Pay Pal at no extra charge. If you require integration of the payment system a merchant account facility is required.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Payment Processor

A payment processor is what is going to process the money for you. There are many different ways this can be achieved. The selection with you processor will impact on the perceived professionalism of your site. Once again, if you would like to discuss the various options available based on your requirements, please let us know.


The Integrated option is where the credit card processing is completed within your site, without being redirected to a third party processor. This option is the most professional and is highly recommended for medium to large businesses.

Internet Merchant Facility with the bank of your choice. Facilities are available via all major Banks inc. CBA, ANZ, Bank SA, NAB, St George.

Banks will normally charge a % figure per transaction, and also a monthly or yearly figure.

Third Party 

This is utilising a third party credit card processor for your payments. Examples of these include Pay Pal, CC Bill etc. The mostly commonly used and trusted is Pay Pal.

The costs for this option are much smaller and is normally the reason many sites opt for PayPal as the processing provider. There is no setup cost or annual fee. The only fee is a percentage amount, based on the total sale. This is a sliding scale percentage.


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