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Adelaide I.T Solutions Newsletter
The redesigned AITS/
TWT site will
amalgamate both entities on the one Exclusive website, as well as including 'Promotion SA'
Component Specials
S/hand 17" CRT Monitors  $45
Epson CX 6900f All in One Printer  $190
MS Office 2003 OEM $359
LG 20x DVR/RW Dual Layer Re-Writers $45.00
LG 19" 5ms LCD Monitors
L1919SP-SE (new Model) $269.00
GE Match Lite 700VA UPS - 420w $139.00
Various quantities available for each item.
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Back-up Solution . . .
Have you got your important data backed up? What are the implications to your business if you lose your MYOB data file? or lose all your email and contacts?
Sound like a disaster?
Prevent any data loss with AITS backup solutions.
This service includes:
:- External (portable) 2.5" 120gb USB backup drive. 
:- Registered Network version (4.1) of Fileback PC
:- Installation & Config inc. Backup entries, revisions and auto scheduling.

all for only  $269

Why a Website?
- email
- promotion
- cost effective
- greater geographics
- online sales
- customer feedback
- competitor advantage
- proven market research
- wider demographic

See below for more information.
Dear Mark,

Once again another year is quickly passing; we hope it has been a great year for both your business and your families thus far.


Adelaide IT Solutions has again started producing
newsletters as a means of keeping you informed with the latest in I.T.


You can expect to find these bulletins in your inbox on a regular basis, as well as some additional 'specials'.


If you have any suggestions or would like to see something included in these updates, please let us know.

We hope you will find these updates beneficial, and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you ever have trouble using some of the
Office Tutorials
MS Office Applications? Below are tutorials for some of the most commonly used Office Tools. Maybe these will assist you and fellow staff members. Just click on the link, print them out if you wish, and keep them as a ready-reckoner.


 Outlook    P-Point      Excel      Publisher   F-Page     Access
AITS Rental

Why choose rental?                         

  • 100% Tax deduction
  • Get the equipment you need now
  • Pay as you go
  • Keep pace with technology!
  • Easy Accounting
  • Put your cash to better use
  • End of term options .... It's your choice
  • Labour built into rental amount

For only $149 AITS will copy all data from your old computer system to the new; Including emails, favourites and personal documents. This price also includes delivery, setup and transfer.

Maintenance Hints & Tips
You will find below a series of maintenance tips that will ensure your system is kept reasonably safe from major issues. Most of you will probably be aware of these so use this as a reminder to do them on a regular basis.
1/ C Drive - Clean files. You will find this tool by going to My computer and then "right" click on the "C" drive and click properties. Next to the pie chart you will see disk clean up.
2/ Defragmentation - Ensure you run this application at least every 3 months , especially if you install / uninstall lots of software.
3/ Check your Anti Virus Definition files - are they up to date? Do not run a system that has an expired AV program as you will be asking for problems.
4/ Uninstall unwanted Applications. As time progesses we build on our systems with a variety of applications that are no longer used. Periodically use Add / Remove programs in control panel to browse through the programs that are installed on your system. Uninstall anything you do not use. Ideally, tackle this prior to a Defrag.
5/ Run your spyware application, make sure the definition files are up to date with this as well, prior to running the scan. If your Anti Virus program does not have spyware scanning, we recommend 2 Free programs. You can download them here. Spybot Search & Destroy  or  Adaware.
AITS Custom Computer Systems

AITS Home System     

System Includes:                                                     

  • Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO 2140 Processor
  • Intel I865GSAL ATX Mainboard c/w LAN, VGA etc
  • 1024Mb 666Mhz DDR2 Memory
  • Western Digital 160GB 72000 RPM SATA Hard Disk Drive
  • LG DVD+RW Dual Layer Drive
  • 5 in 1 Memory Card Reader
  • Logitech 2.1 Speaker system
  • Gigatech ATX Computer Housing              
  • LG 19.1" Widescreen LCD 8ms Silver LCD 
  • Microsoft OEM Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse
  • MS Windows XP Home SP2       
$899 or $8.70 per week

AITS Pentium Business System     

System Includes:                                                      

  • Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO 6550 Processor
  • Intel I865GSAL ATX Mainboard c/w LAN, VGA etc
  • 1024Mb 666Mhz DDR2 Memory
  • Western Digital 250GB 72000 RPM SATA Hard Disk Drive
  • LG DVD+RW Dual Layer Drive
  • 5 in 1 Memory Card Reader
  • Logitech 2.1 Speaker system
  • Gigatech ATX Computer Housing              
  • LG 19.1" Widescreen LCD 8ms Silver LCD 
  • Microsoft OEM Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse
  • MS Windows XP Professional     
$1199 or $11.62 per week
Total Web Technologies
In conjunction with Adelaide IT Solutions, TWT can provide web design solutions to suit your requirements. We can provide you or your business with attractive, top performing sites at competitive prices.
We pride ourselves with approaching each site as if it were our own and take care in ensuring it is what you require. Sites can have as little as 3 pages through to 10+ pages and business sites may have the option of shopping cart facilities.
Our design services are tailored to you or your business. You may choose from fully customized web presence with integration of your existing graphics and colour scheme or If you only require 2 pages, no problem, lower end sites are also available based on standard layout templates.
TWT Currently have complete website packages on special. These include website hosting, domain name, design and setup starting from $49 per month. For more information about these packages please feel free to contact us.

How is a Website Beneficial to my Business ?
The web is undeniably the most useful resource in the world today; without it, many businesses would fail. The internet is a way of life, with 1000's of people having internet access just to receive email!
So, what are the benefits of a website for your business?
1. As we have already pointed out, email is the most preferred way to communicate with others. You can send to 100's of clients at one time no matter where they are in the world. You can send more than a simple 'letters', software files, sound and video files and catalogues to name a few.
2. A website also enables you to promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, worldwide. You can do this without having to reprint any costly promotional documents pending changes that your organisation would want to make at any time. This type of promotion also gives your business a greater geographical customer base.
3. You are also given an advantage over any competitors in your industry who have no website.
4. The cost of a hosting a website is low. While the initial creation cost can range between $500 and $5000, the ongoing maintenance is cost effective, with hosting starting at just $20.00 per month.
5. Having a website for your business not only promotes your business online, but having a website enables you to sell online if required.
6. Additional benefits to your business include, listing all your products / services, FAQ's to assist Customer Support, Market Research capabilities, Customer Feedback and more.
As well as saving time, a website provides an extension to your business that is convenient for your customers, as well as yourself.
If you would like to know how Adelaide I.T Solutions can custom design a web site that will work for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Promotion SA is the Internet Marketing arm of Adelaide I.T Solutions.
More commonly known as (SEO), Search Engine Optimisation, this
facility will give you optimal web presence with top placement in Google and the ability to be able to drive as much traffic to your site as you need. If it's 1000 visitors a month, Promotion SA can help.
Promotion SA takes internet marketing seriously. There are many options and methods to make your business visible to your clients and the internet audience. We have a 48 hours setup period meaning you could be building your internet popularty in no time. All services include monthly reviews of;
Keyword analysis based on supply and demand ratios
Content Tuning
Monthly Reports and more.
Promotion SA keeps you up to date on how your package is working for you. Each monthly report details exactly how many unique visitors, how many clicks, top ranking keywords and top ranking pages associated with your web site. This information is particularly useful as we can find out your best performing page and this page can then be used to sell specials or promotions for your business.
No matter what your business, service or interest, for any website to work it must gain traffic. Without promotion, it is a fact, you won't get traffic.
If you do not have time to promote your goods and services to the world or local market thus driving high traffic to your site, we can do it for you.
For more information, visit our website by clicking here.
Thank you for taking the time to view our newsletter. If there is anything you would like to see in future mailings, please let us know. Suggestions can be sent to
The Team at
Adelaide I.T Solutions
Save 25% Get optimum results from your system with our SYSTEM CHECK OFFER
We will check your system files; registry; virus definitions; free space; spyware; temp files; back-up system (if applicable) and more for just
$95 *Conditions Apply
Offer Expires: 31 December 2007
This coupon must be printed and presented in person and is not transferable
* Conditions of 'System Check Special Offer': Fixed price of $95 is based on system check and basic maintenance only. Additional hardware or software required to update your system will be charged at the regular labour, callout and item rates.
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